Thursday, October 2, 2008


What a fantastic night we had last night. Hundreds of people turned out to support Kevin Rauch and his family, to get their hands on the limited edition OZONE guidebook, to bid on more than 100 silent auction items, to swill beers (and wait in a huge line for them — sorry about that!), to see old faces and meet new ones, and otherwise just partake of a grand evening out.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event and to all who helped out. We could not have done it without all the support we received from so many different people. After all, we're just a handful of climbers and friends who had a little idea many, many months ago...


As far as results, we're not giving out any numbers yet, but we will shortly. For now, just know that we are extremely happy — and fairly flabbergasted, to be quite honest — with what we seem to have initially gathered. The iPod raffle alone garnered nearly $800!

So thank you all once again. It's been a rousing success.

And it will continue to be a success. We're still selling books, so contact us if you want one!

And if you won something in the silent auction but didn't get to pick it up, Bryan Smith will be calling you and giving you TWO DAYS to respond before moving on to the next highest bidder. Need more information? Contact Bryan. 

Thanks also to Melissa McComb and Amy Stewart for taking and letting us post these photos.


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