Monday, September 29, 2008

We've got BEER . . . and Directions!

OK, we're getting close now. Just two more days until the Ozone Guidebook Release and Fund-Faiser for Kevin Rauch. The list of silent auction items continues to grow — we recently added a home/renovation/design consultation from a designer at Anrkom Moisan Architects, veterinary services from NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital, and BEER! from Roots and McMenamins. 

There's buzz brewing as well over the 80G iPod that's up for raffle, and the Lucky Lab is bracing itself for the throngs who will be turning out Wednesday night at 6:30. 

A reminder, as we've had some lingering confusion on this: The event is at the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall in Northwest Portland (1945 NW Quimby Street); not the southeast location or the Multnomah Village one. Just so you know and don't show up at the wrong place... CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS!

1945 NW Quimby Street
Portland, OR

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